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Older Adults

It is extremely well documented that it's never too late to start exercising.  Research continues to show that older adults can help restore muscular strength, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and balance by incorporating a fitness program. Not only will exercise help one's physical capabilities but it plays an extremely important role in disease prevention from cardiovascular issues, osteoporosis, diabetes and reduces the risks of a number of cancers.(1)

While the physical benefits of exercise are frequently mentioned "the single most important thing people can do to reduce the risk of age-related brain decline is exercise... You can double or triple the number of new neurons that you produce next week by doing physical exercise."(1)

                                                          - Dr. Max Cynader, Scientific Brain Research Centre, UBC

1. Behm, D., Bryan, S., Chilibeck, P., Copeland, J., Dogra, S., Fortier, M., . . . Shields, C. (2014). Canadian society for exercise physiology: Physical activity training for health (2nd Ed.). Ottawa, ON:  CSEP.